IRTA-Ordesa Joint venture


The IRTA-Ordesa Pilot Plant

The IRTA-ORDESA Join Unit allows the realization of scale processes for the development of new dairy products. Located in Monells (Girona), it has a useful surface of 400 m2. The facility has 5 rooms in which the main stages of processing are carried out.

It is a multifunctional plant, since it not only allows to develop dairy-based foods, but also to work with products of vegetal origin, functional drinks and fruit juices, among others liquid products.

Its available, on previous request, for other companies that do not have an equipment like this, and that need to scale their tests at industrial level. The new installation is designed to work in batches with a maximum production of 500 kg in liquid and 100 kg in powder, which means a significant savings, both in time and production costs, approximately 70% lower, when compared to a standard industrial plant.


Offered services

The pilot plant has been specially designed for the research and development of new products and ingredients, complying with the strictest food safety standards. Its special design allows adapting the flexibility in the planning and the development of the tests, being prepared for the products trial on a commercial scale.

These can be dairy products in powder or liquid: milks, dairy concentrates, milk formulas, but also from vegetable origin: soy milk, almond milk, cereal milks (rice, barley), juices and products with functional ingredients.

All these services are offered with absolute confidentiality.


Grau Matas

Responsible for the Pilot Plants of Lactic and Liquid Products

Manel Martín

Product Development Manager

Fabián Torres

Responsible for the pilot plant