At IRTA we work on horticulture production through different science programs specialized on plant production: Fruit Production, Genomics and Biotechnology, Urban and Peri-Urban Agriculture and Susteinable Plant Protection.

The IRTA centers that work on it are:

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We offer 18 serveis about horticulture.

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  • Giner A., Pascual L., Bourgeois M., Gyetvai G., Rios P., Picó B., Troadec C., Bendahmane A., Garcia-Mas J., Martín-Hernández A.M. A mutation in the melon Vacuolar Protein Sorting 41prevents systemic infection of Cucumber mosaic virus (2017) Scientific Reports, vol. 7 (1), Art. number 10471 Horticulture
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  • Llorach, P.; Lopez-Capel, E.; Peña, J.; Rieradevall, J.; Montero, J.I. ; Puy, N. (2017). Technical feasibility and carbon footprint of biochar co-production with tomato plant residue. Waste Management (en premsa) Horticulture