IRTA works on fruit and vegetables postharvest through the Postharvest science program.

The centers in which the research is developed are:


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  • Torres, E. ; Alonso, D.; Miarnau, X. (2017). Basfoliar® Frost Protect, una nueva herramienta para reducir los daños por heladas en frutales. Revista de Fruticultura 53 :44-53 Postharvest
  • Torres, E. ; Recasens, I. ; Lordan, J.; Alegre, S. (2017). Combination of strategies to supply calcium and reduce bitter pit in `Golden Delicious’ apples. Scientia Horticulturae 217 :179-188 Postharvest
  • Aguilo, I.; Walton, J.; Viñas, I. ; Tiwari, B.K. (2017). Ultrasound assisted extraction of polysaccharides from mushroom by-products. LWT – Food Science and Technology 77 ( ):92-99 Postharvest