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PECT Baix Ter: Information system for dissemination and promotion of the precision irrigation system at Baix Ter

Starting date: 01/01/2018 End date: 31/12/2020
Programme: Efficient use of water in agriculture

Financing entities:

The objectives of the PECT Baix Ter project are:

  • To provide at the Lower Ter irrigators the chance to get into the irrigation precision system with minimal barrier to entry with regards to complexity and costs.
  • To show through a web portal view the most relevant information on irrigation management in the Lower Ter in the form of maps, synoptic, animated series and informative nature.
  • To providing customized information for each plot irrigation management, whether or not it has installed sensors for the range of types of crops and irrigation systems present in the Lower Ter.
  • To encourage the participation of various actors in the management of irrigation (watering, technicians, installers …) through different profiles considered in the preparation of the information.
  • To complement the tools and objectives addressed by other participant projects linked to this PECT , especially the project led by Mas Badia Foundation, providing features and information resources that can be easily integrated into a common platform for all Water spectrum.