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The IRTA and the UC Davis organise the International Course on Irrigation

The IRTA (Agri-food and Technology Research Institute) and the University of California Davis organise the first edition of the International Course on Irrigation, which will take place in Lleida (Spain) from 17 to 21 October 2016.

The objective of the course is to provide the elements required to operate an irrigation system so that the efficiency of plant water use and the efficacy of the system in delivering water are maximized. This is a complex problem since crops grow under varied combinations of soil, weather and growing conditions. Guiding principles will be provided on how to deal with these changing environmental factors.

Viewed from the perspective of a world with dwindling water supplies, there is currently a great need to make strategic irrigation decisions that take into consideration the underlying principles that control water use at orchard level, and their implications for crop production. The course is designed to deal in depth with fruit tree species, but most of the principles will also pertain to annual crops. The course is addressed to irrigation managers and highly specialized technicians with irrigation management responsibilities.

This course brings together a group of highly experienced scientists with extensive careers in the field of fruit-tree growing and irrigation management. The activity will last 5 days and includes short theoretical sessions, workshop exercises, demonstrative laboratory training sessions, afternoon field trips and discussion sessions.

Students enrolled in the course will gain a fundamental understanding of how water moves through the soil, into and through the plant, the critical periods when plant growth and productivity are most affected by the lack of water, and modern irrigation techniques for optimizing the use and delivery of water to meet crop needs.

The International Course on Irrigation will be conducted in English in the lecture rooms of PCiTAL (Lleida Agri-food Science and Technology Park), the Gardeny Park and the IRTA Fruitcentre premises in Lleida. You can register using the following link: Closing date for registration 7 October 2016.