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The Efficient Use of Water in Agriculture program at IRTA will develop a product that estimates plant evapotranspiration with satellites for the European Space Agency

The project “Sentinels for Evapotranspiration” (SEN-ET) is led by the Danish Hydrologic Institute (DHI) and also includes the Danish SME Sandholt Consulting. SEN-ET has the objective of developing the evapotranspiration product for the European Space Agency’s Sentinel satellites.

The launch of the Sentinel series of satellites is the most ambitious program in Earth Observation carried out by the European Commission. With the aim of providing evapotranspiration (ET) data at farm level with an adequate frequency, the Efficient Use of Water in Agriculture program at IRTA will exploit the synergies of Sentinel 2 and 3 satellites in order to obtain ET maps at 10-20 m spatial resolution every 5 days. Furthermore, this project aims to evaluate different remote sensing ET models that will be assessed against flux tower measurements on the ground. Those validation sites include a vast range of land cover types (croplands, grasslands, forests and savannahs) as well as different climatic conditions.

The outcome of SEN-ET will be an open source software for ET estimation based on synergistic use of Sentinel 2 and 3 satellites.

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