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Diversity and variability of adaptive and technological traits in walnut, cherry and ash trees. The environment and management effects

Starting date: 17/09/2015 End date: 16/09/2018
Programme: Fruit Production

Financing entities:

The aims of the project are:


  1. Assessment on the genetic diversity of two woodland species for highly valued timber production (ex situ on walnut and in situ on ash).
  2. Study of the adaptive and technological characters on progenies of Juglans spp. and Prunus avium clones (FRM of qualified category) selected for timber production including spring, autumn and winter frost resistance and anatomical traits of the wood. Interactions genotype-environment (GxE).
  3. Physico-chemical characterization of walnut wood coming from different management planting models. Environmental balance regarding water demand, secondary products and biomass.