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WIN-FISH: Welfare, Health and Individuality in farmed FISH

Starting date: 01/05/2015 End date: 30/11/2018
Programme: Aquaculture

Financing entities:

The following results are expected:

  1. A suite of correlates between Stress Coping Styles (SCS) and behavioural, physiological and immune indicators of welfare in fish facing stress and a changing environment.
  2.  Further exploration on molecular mechanisms underlying different SCS in fish 
  3. Identification of welfare concerns in new models of fish production system (Recirculated Aquaculture System) in major European aquaculture species.
  4. Identification of the positive effects of environmental enrichment: towards positive emotional states.
  5. Generation of genetic and molecular markers to be used for selective breeding aimed at optimizing performance and reducing aggression in Atlantic salmon.